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Project Overview

CATIA SPECIALIST: working on CATIA V5 and some V4, movement of CATIA files from Germany to
South Africa and converting to IGES, STP to be read by local suppliers.

Using TeamCentre extensively, answering manufacturing queries from suppliers. Modifications in V4
for Mitsubishi 4WD for local suppliers Redesigned the load body floor.

Commonised the cross members of the main floor assembly as the original load body floor had different
cross members for the Single cab, Double cab and the Club cab. Changed the load body mounting
brackets that are welded to the Chassis. Increase the fuel tank capacity for the 4×4 it was originally
45ltr to just over 100ltr Redesign of the rear bumper/ tow bar, roll bars & bull bars.

3D Layout of RHD bus chassis for FIFA 2010 World Cup Soccer in South Africa. The format was a
normal chassis and the other was articulated. 3D Layout of air suspension and in 2D detailing brackets,
chassis members, engine mounts, axle installation and associated equipment for manufacture on
Daimler production line in East London, South Africa