Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design

Aircraft Designers & Manufacturers of major aircraft components.

Project Overview

Design of wing to fuselage fairing for Airbus A400m Military Transporter and extensive use of
WindChill. Mostly sub-assembly 3D models and associated drawings for frames, stringers, butterfly fittings. Installing fasteners, anchor nuts, rivets and electrical bonding points. Kit assembly for installation of sub-assemblies, installation of Hi-Locks and bolts. Installation of adjustable struts for connection of fairing to wing mountings

Services Provide

  • Upgraded Mirage II to Kfir Fighter and export to South African Air Force as Cheetah.Aircraft Designer.
  • Subcontracted Guided Missiles Jigs and Fixtures Design.
  • Aircraft Structural Design on Commodore Jet.
  • RB 211 Thrust Reverser Tooling.