Advanced Wheel Design

The SEMA Las Vegas 2016 saw a lot of wheels designed by Advanced CAD Systems. ACS has successfully designed (concept: lightspeed racing) advanced wheels for big brands like Lamborghini, Toyota, etc. It is that branch of engineering that deals with the design of a variety of wheels depending on the terrain that the vehicle is meant […]

Luxury Car Bodywork Design

Luxury car bodywork design. ACS has a long track record in luxury car bodywork design. It designs 3D model cars, corvette alignment, Lucra in alias, etc. Cars are not only items of necessity any more, but also items of luxury. Luxury cars pack in accessories and features that raise the luxury or desirability quotient of the […]

Yacht Design

Advanced CAD Systems has a proven expertise in designing yachts (ship or boat that is mainly used for recreational purposes) and other shipping containers. A yacht is a ship or boat that is mainly used for recreational or leisure purposes. Yachts also often take part in sailboat racing. While previously, wood and steel were the […]

Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design : Advanced CAD Systems is an expert in designing aircraft and airplanes and other aviation services. Advanced CAD Systems has a proven track record in designing aircrafts, airplanes and other aviation-related accessories. This is simply the branch of engineering that deals with designing aircrafts. Aircraft design is a particularly delicate process as the designer […]

3D Modelling

Advanced CAD systems has designed 3D models for carbon fiber wheels. 3D modeling refers to the art of creating a 3D representation of a physical object digitally with the help of specialized software(s). The inspiration for creating a 3D model can be either inanimate or animate. This mathematical representation is referred to as a 3D model.

Carbon Fiber Wheel Design

Advanced CAD systems designs wheels by LiteSpeed Racing with FEA analysis for road worthiness. These are bestsellers. It is the process of using chopped up carbon fiber pre-impregnated composite material in order to design and manufacture the spoke park of the wheels of a vehicle. With this method, it is possible to use the same material molds […]

Automotive Design

In the simplest terms, it is the science of designing automobiles. This branch of engineering also deals with the ergonomics as well as the appearance of vehicles, including but not limited to trucks, buses, coaches, vans, and motorcycles. Advanced CAD Systems designs Ford GT40 splined, ready for class A surfacing.

Mechanical Design

ACS designs structural steel platforms for a battery manufacturing plant in Romania. It is that branch of engineering design that deals with the process of bringing together physics, engineering and the science of materials to design new machines, improve the performance of exiting machines, as well as manufacture and maintain machines.

Glass Surface Corrosion

New glass is bright and sparkling, easy to see through and easy to clean and keep clean. Contrary to popular belief, the surface of the glass is not completely smooth. It has what glass manufacturers call ‘lattice’ or ‘honeycomb’ patterns. Under a microscope glass reveals a rougher surface made of peaks and potholes. Organic and […]