Shipping Container

A new form of architecture that has gained popularity by leaps and bounds over the past several years is shipping container architecture. This form of architecture uses steel intermodal containers (or shipping containers) as the primary structural element. There are several reasons why more and more people are opting for this form of architecture: wide availability of shipping containers, reltive simplicity of this kind of construction, low cost, eco-friendly nature and the sturdiness and durability of the material are a few of them.

Home Roofs:

The roof of an unmodified container can be used to build the roof for a house. Each of these sheets has troughs that are meant to stop water from pooling. However, while using them t build a roof, it becomes necessary to place several such sheets side by side and seal and seal the ISO corner. This, again, would actually lead to pooling of rainwater, and consequently to serious structural damage over time. This needs to be kept in mind while designing and effort needs to be made to create channels that would lead the rainwater into a harvesting tank..
Also, a shipping container roof can support up to 200 kg of weight over a total area of 600 x 300 mm. Also, a double roof can prevent the interior from heating up too much.

Home Kitchens:

Modern kitchens, with their cabinets, can effectively be constructed out of shipping containers. Since a standard shipping container measures 8 feet wide, most kitchens would need two such containers. Shipping container cabinets also add a unique and fun touch to the home design, setting it apart from regular kitchens.

Shipping containers are also gaining popularity as the base material for mobile homes. If properly executed, beautiful little havens on wheels can be constructed out of shipping containers.

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